Saturday, June 16, 2007

seeds and lemons

So you're looking to spend some quality time with your dad this sunday, but you haven't yet thought of something the two of you could do together. Maybe you don't have enough in common, and the fear of awkward silences and conversations about superficial things like sports teams is weighing on your thoughts. If you're into local music, I have a solution, and it involves beer. Your dad might have to warm up to the bands, but everybody knows that beer helps to smooth out those rough spots in conversation. Plus, it is common knowledge that silences aren't as awkward when there is live music. The Seedy Seeds and Pomegranates are playing tomorrow night at Northside Tavern, and you should be there. It does not necessarily have to be a part of your plans with your dad, but it is required for any fan of Cincinnati music.

Also, lemonade. Who doesn't love lemonade? If such a person exists, I haven't met them. But I do know plenty of people who probably haven't yet tasted the best lemonade on the face of the earth. It is stored in a gigantic glass jar with lemons floating in it, and if you offer its keeper a dollar, he may just let you taste it. That is, if he hasn't run out of plastic cups. Go to Findlay Market, and at the center of the main building, you'll find it, along with jars containing other assorted cold, refreshing drinks with fruit halves floating in them. Delicious. And I'm serious about the one dollar.

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