Sunday, April 22, 2007

stadium lights

It's another cool night outside on the supervisor shift. Tonight I'm spotlighted by the sterile glow and insectile hum of the stadium lights, pumping millions of watts of power to light the playing field for three people playing frisbee.

Saw The Selmanaires at the Comet for free last night, after filling my stomach with one of their delicious burritos and a Christian Moerlein lager. I was duly impressed with the intensity with which they banged out their unique sound, something I couldn't bring myself to compare to any of the indie rock mainstays or popular indie sounds. It's a bad habit, making comparisons. Something I've been trained to do by immitation. They were easily one of the best acts I've seen at the Comet thus far, a band that really had it together - even the interstitial spaces between their songs were filled with little repeating electronic background melodies while the band members switched places and instruments.

I also apparently have a standing marriage proposal, should I choose to accept. I was at Mac's Pizza Pub with Nate this evening, and the waitress, upon seeing my Seedy Seeds shirt, first words out of her mouth were a sarcastic "will you marry me". It's good to see someone else who loves good local music as much as I do. So we chatted about the band a bit, during which I informed her of the upcoming CD listening party previewing their first full-length release that the Seedy Seeds are having at Rohs Street on June 30th. There'll be free food, good music, and good people aplenty, so I encourage everyone that can attend to be there.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So, this morning, I decided that for my current project at work, it was necessary to learn how to use XML data in Flash. Like in times past, I simply jacked into the Matrix, inserted the "Learn XML" disk and instantly learned everything there is to know.

Whoa. I know XML.

Not exactly. But I soaked up some juicy important fruity bits after reading for a solid hour and a half. Now, my mind is going insane. Dynamic content... in Flash? Oh, the possibilities! Apparently using XML socket servers is a great way to write chat applications that use Flash. I instantly thought of the project that Steve had in mind for me to work on, had I ended up working at UCit as my co-op, to create a website where UC students could get real-time help from employees of the libraries or IT departments. He was thinking PERL, of course, but now... pretty chat app in Flash? Makes me want to jump on that project the minute I get back to UCit.

You know the first thing I'm going to do is make a scoreboard for Asteroids.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


It's too nice of a night to be cooped up in the dungeons of Zimmer on my lazy sunday supervisor shift at UCit. I'm sitting in the middle of campus on a temperate, cool night with the vintage titanium powerbook enjoying some Highlander Grogg instead, to inagurate the new blog.

I think Campari Nights sounds like a decent, if somewhat kitschy title for a memoir of the years in Cincinnati. I was at Alchemize on friday when I discovered that they stocked that wonderful red liquor, and that Campari and tonic there was cheaper than some beers. That'll be me drink of choice next friday, when we celebrate the last weekend of the ill-fated club and bar. Hopefully there will be more people that decide to grace the dancefloor. They seemed to want to congregate out back that night, given the wonderful weather. It was a night of awesomeness.

I haven't been to the Poison Room in quite a while. There was a time when it was a weekly occurence, but now it seems there are some who lack interest because they think you can actually get tired of Pet Shop Boys and New Order. Or maybe it was the drama. It's always the drama, I suppose.

Oh well. Had fun with Jackie and portions of the west side gang at laser tag on saturday. Can you believe I'd never played laser tag before? My legs ache today, and I place the blame squarely on running around in that maze shooting teenagers.