Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So, this morning, I decided that for my current project at work, it was necessary to learn how to use XML data in Flash. Like in times past, I simply jacked into the Matrix, inserted the "Learn XML" disk and instantly learned everything there is to know.

Whoa. I know XML.

Not exactly. But I soaked up some juicy important fruity bits after reading for a solid hour and a half. Now, my mind is going insane. Dynamic content... in Flash? Oh, the possibilities! Apparently using XML socket servers is a great way to write chat applications that use Flash. I instantly thought of the project that Steve had in mind for me to work on, had I ended up working at UCit as my co-op, to create a website where UC students could get real-time help from employees of the libraries or IT departments. He was thinking PERL, of course, but now... pretty chat app in Flash? Makes me want to jump on that project the minute I get back to UCit.

You know the first thing I'm going to do is make a scoreboard for Asteroids.


compsciguy said...

Hi Ian about that flash thing, you will have to teach me it... for that music thing i was thinking flash application for the innovative gui to show the playlists as a web(as in a spider web), and xml as the way to pass the play list information along.

compsciguy said...

Oh and i broke your flash game for memory, you can keep selecting the same two cards over and over again and win, have to be careful about your wind condition check's there will always be cs's looking to break stuff.